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    11= International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent =
    3 The IFRC secretariat in Asia Pacific have built a Resource Management System in Sahana Eden, making use of these modules:
     3A Resource Management System was developed in Sahana Eden for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to allow their National Societies to share information on their Inventory, Assets, Staff and Volunteers. Neighboring National Societies and the IFRC can quickly see what is available in the event of a major disaster. This information is blended with data from other Geographic Information Systems (GIS), such as Population Density, Rainfall and Topography to allow for a more informed planning of the response. The solution allowed agencies to share a common server, yet retain full control over their data and who can have access to it (i.e. a multi-tenancy system). The open source nature of the software was important because it meant there was no vendor lock-in and the software was easy to maintain. For this deployment the Sahana Team deployed using Amazon Web Services in the regional data center to guarantee low latency.
     5It makes use of these modules:
    46 * GIS (Map)
    57 * Human Resources (Staff, Volunteers & Members)
    1416There are many instances hosted at Amazon Singapore:
     19== Links ==
     20* [ IFRC Asia Pacific]