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    1 = Sahana Eden Project =
    2 [[TOC]]
     1= Italy: Shelters and Evacuees Management =
    4 == [wiki:What What is Sahana Eden?] ==
    5  * Sahana Eden is an Open Source Humanitarian Platform which can be used to provide solutions for Disaster Management, Development, and Environmental Management sectors.
    6  * Open Source means that it is easily Customisable, Extensible and Free.
    7  * It is supported by the [ Sahana Software Foundation].
    8  * Try it now on our [ Demo Site]
     3== Introduction ==
     4We are a team of Italian volunteers who recently started to work on Sahana-Eden to explore if and how it can be used during the emergencies (hearthquakes, floods, eruptions) in Italy.
    10 [wiki:What more...]
     6== Stakeholders ==
     7The final user will be the Department of Civil Protection/DPC (which is the most important organization operatying in the field when there are emergencies to coordinate at country level)  and the local emergencies unit (which are responsible to setup the first aid to the population).
     8The Department of Civil Protection is the stakeholder who is actively contribuiting to define the area of interest of Sahana and the required features.   
    12 == [wiki:Use Want to Use Sahana Eden?] ==
    13  * [InstallationGuidelines Installation Guidelines]
    14  * [wiki:Book]
    15  * [UserGuidelines User Guidelines]
    16  * [ Wiki User Guide]
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     10== Requirements ==
     11The objective of the project is to provide a tool to manage the persons to evacuate (evacuues), find for them the best accomodation,  plan their daily needs on time, solve issues they have etc; on the other side this tool will help also the job of the volunteers assigned to manage the shelters because they are the first point of contact for those looking for an accomodation. The tool will speed up the registration process, will support the volunteers in the selection of the right shelter for that specific persons (for example, find a shelter with enough seats available for the entire family/group, find the right shelter for children's or for old men, etc), will track duplicate records and follow the people who moves from on shelter to an other.
    19 == [wiki:Contribute Want to Contribute to Sahana Eden?] ==
    20 We can always use help from:
    21  * [wiki:Develop Developers]
    22  * [wiki:Testing Testers]
    23   * [BugReportingGuidelines Bug Marshals]
    24  * [wiki:Contribute/Outreach Community Outreach]
    25  * [wiki:Design Designers]
    26  * [wiki:Contribute/Documentation Documenters]
    27  * [wiki:GIS GIS Specialists]
    28  * [wiki:SysAdmin System Admininistrators]
    29  * [UserGuidelinesLocalisation Translators]
     13We have identified a new module "Evacuees" that will take care of person's data; it will manage the complete profile of persons as well as sensible data (like medical profile or legal information about the person to evacue) and will take care about who can access this data.
     14First point of contact to require an accommodation are the shelters and we have identified a couple of new features to link the new module to the existing ones and benefits each other from the existing functionalities.
     15The evacuues module will provide features to be manually populated (through the registration process) or to automatically upload the data of citizens involved in the emergency from external data sources.
     16In parallel, for a complete adoption of the entire platform in Italy, we will complete the translation in Italian of the existing Sahana-EDEN (currently uncompleted).
     18== Future Extensions ==
     19There are a number of areas where we would like to work on to integrate the new information that the module "evacuues" will generate (like the geo-localization of shelters with tips about the status of guests there, create a concept of "shelter's warehouse" or incident's warehouse to organize the daily task). We will update this page if and when these new topics will be planned (outside this on going phase due to the current schedule).
    32 == Contact ==
    33 You can get in touch with the Sahana Eden Community immediately though our IRC [wiki:Chat] or via the [wiki:MailingList Mailing List].
     22== High level Project Schedule ==
    35 We will normally get back to you within 24 hours.
    36 == Upcoming Events ==
    37 * [ IOTX Lanka] June 16-22, 2014 in Negombo and Colombo, Sri Lanka
    38 * Your Event Here?
     24  - through April 2014: Development of Features required for Project
     25  - May 2014: QA & User Acceptance Testing
     26  - May, June: Finalize updates, complete Italian translation/localization, complete training materials
    40 == News ==
    41 * [ SahanaCamp@AIT-Thailand] December 16 & 17, 2014
    42 * [wiki:Deployments/Philippines/Haiyan Typhoon Haiyan]
    43 * [wiki:Event/2013/ISCRAM SahanaCamp @ISCRAM Vietnam] - October 29, 2013
    44 * [wiki:Event/2013/GHC Grace Hopper Open Source Day] - October 5, 2013
    45 * [ Sahana Eden Training for New Developers] - September 30, 2013
    46 * [wiki:Event/2013/OHI Open Humanitarian Initiative] - working on Syria crisis
    47 * Sahana has been accepted again for [wiki:Event/2013/GSoC Google Summer of Code 2013]
    48 * NYCTechResponds Hackathon - working on issues for Sandy relief
    49 * RHoK 2012 - Atlanta team working on Sahana
    50 * [wiki:Event/2012/GCI Google Code-In 2012]
    51 * Supporting efforts for the Relief of Survivors of [wiki:Deployments/Sandy Hurricane Sandy]
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