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Sahana Deployments in Nepal

There are currently 3 different deployments of Sahana being used in Nepal, and a new deployment for the 2015 earthquake.

2015 Earthquake

We now have a configured version of Sahana hosted by the Sahana Software Foundation here:

This site is be open to any organization responding to the earthquake in Nepal. Members of the Nepal open source community are administering the site, and uploading relevant data. Organizations interested in using the site (e.g. for personnel and volunteer coordination, resource management and logistics, mapping,...) can join the mailing list here for assistance:

There is a demo site for people to explore and try out:

Anyone can log in here with: password: testing

NOTE: All data on the demo site will be periodically wiped, so it is fine to enter test data, but don't add anything you need to keep.

National Emergency Operation Center

The National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) of the Ministry of Home Affairs deployed Sahana in 2013 with the support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). NEOC deployed Sahana for Incident Reporting, Assessments, Training and Asset Management

The Sahana community is waiting to hear how NEOC is using Sahana in response to the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake and have offered to support as needed.

Red Cross Resource Management System (RMS)

RMS (a configured deployment of Sahana) is being used by the [ Nepal Red Cross Society]. For more information see: Deployments/IFRC

Nepal Climate Data Portal

ADPC contracted AidIQ to build a climate data portal for the Nepal Department of Meteorology & Hydrology.

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