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Bombeiros are volunteer firefighters in Portugal.

They tried Eden during a simulation which became a real incident & added value immediately , straight out of the box!

See attached testimonial from the president of the APBV.


8-10 December 2011 in Oporto, Portugal


  • Proof of Concept that Eden can be used to replace the current non-functional system (using pencil and paper) to manage all emergency events from planning to first response, to larger scale incidents.
    • Currently there is no country-wide system - each department does it's own thing
  • "to show that there are IT tools to help at all levels of emergency management, not only for firefighters but to all civil protection chain"
    • some Portuguese civil protection authority personal will be attending and participating
  • Train a local deployment support team


  • Import HRM data from
    • Can export as ;-separated CSV using SQL commands
    • No need to have the output look the same as the current PDFs
    • (this system keeps crashing & was expensive)
  • Use GPS from Tetra radios to show Personnel & Vehicles on the Map

Can split people into groups, e.g. Martin can run less techie sessions & Dominic/Fran can run techie sessions.

  • "some are firefighters and emergency managment personal and will be more interested in lectures or workshops related to First Response, Planning, IT Use in Emergency Management"

Tech part should focus on Development & not cover Server Installation / Maintenance.


TETRA radios are carried by vehicles & personnel. These broadcast GPS location which can be output from the receiver as a CSV file:

<apocsantos> id;lat;log;speed
<apocsantos> the file name is the date (now) + equipment id
<apocsantos> 20111013130311111
<apocsantos> 20111013 is the date
<apocsantos> 1303 firedepartment code
<apocsantos> 11111 the id of the radio
<apocsantos> in this case is the id of the command and control vehicle
<apocsantos> the first digit of id identifies the type
<apocsantos> (1) 1111 the id of the radio the first one in the ID means that it is a vehicle
<apocsantos> it it was a 2 it was a Human
<apocsantos> 3 - plane / helicopter

We can have a script move this file & then import it (so that each import contains no duplicates to clean laboriously).

We can import to the Trackable super-entity (sit_trackable) since that is common to both people & vehicles (assets)....we need to copy the GPS_id from the vehicle resource to the super_entity/person/asset.

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