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     1An 18-month project has been started to have Eden manage all the incidents within the limits of the [ Peneda-Gerês National Park]. This has a core team of 10 students, 2 teachers & Antonio throughout the period.
     3This project is separated into three phases, with the goal of having Eden have all the info related to usage of the land, natural resources, infrastructure, demographic data, area mapping, hazardous, administrative land organization plans stored in one system that will be standard for all emergency services and local govt. Keep in storage the burned area, what plant species where afected, was there watter contamination, or possible future contamination, environmental impact, means applied, and so on
     5The goal is to have a better management of the area, to plan for emergencies, and have a more effective managment of all the resources, in order to prevent wild land fires, and have a better response in case of emergency.
     7This project is hosted by [Projects/ESTG ESTG] supported by the [Deployments/Bombeiros Bombeiros]