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    8181=== Cam Studio ===
     82Cam Studio will be used to evaluate the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). This will give us an idea on the User-Acceptance for the system, ease of use, time consumed in each of the process and behavior and sequences of the work-flow.[[BR]]
     84==== Download ====
     851. Download and install Xvid Codec from [ here]
     861. In order to download Cam Studio, go to [ Cam Studio project]. This should download the latest version of Cam Studio.
     88==== Installation ====
     891. Once you download the application, double click on the file to start the installation.
     901. Click Next -> Choose I accept the agreement -> Next -> Choose the destination folder where you wish to install the Cam Studio -> Next -> Next and Install and Finish.
     92That's it, you are ready to go now.
     94==== Configuration ====
     951. Go to Options -> Video Options. Select compressor as Xvid MPEG-4 Codec. Click Ok.
     961. Go to Options -> Video Options -> Configure. Make sure the 'Target quantizer' is set to 4.5 or above. Since the size of the output file will increase as the number gets smaller, for this long simulation, it is recommended to set that to 4.5 or above. Also note that the maximum size of video that can be made from Cam Studio is 2 GB, so make sure we don't cross this file size.
     971. Go to Options -> Video Options -> Configure -> Other Options and untick 'Display encoding status'
     981. Go to Options -> Video Options. Check 'Auto Adjust' and 'Lock Capture and Playback Rates'. You can change the frame rate by sliding the widget, which will show the changed value in the Framerates section. Framerate means the video will be captured every that milliseconds. Lesser the frame capture time more size the video. Capture Frames every 50 milliseconds should suffice.
     991. Go to Region and select Full Screen.[[BR]]
     101You can find more settings by following video tutorial which are available [ here] and [ here]
    83103== References ==