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    1212We have broken the SAMBRO Early Warning System (EMS) dissemination subsystem activities into two components; namely Publishers and Subscribers. Publishers are essentially authorized alerting organizations who would originate or relay a warning/alert message. Both Publishers and Subscribers will undergo a series of tests to determine their aptitude to:
    13 publish effective CAP-enabled messages
    14 Subscribe to actionable (or inactionable) CAP-enabled alert/warning messages
    15 operationalize a cross-agency situational-awareness platform
     13* publish effective CAP-enabled messages
     14* Subscribe to actionable (or inactionable) CAP-enabled alert/warning messages
     15* operationalize a cross-agency situational-awareness platform
    1717We are applying two Human Computer Interaction (HCI) evaluation methodologies:
    1818Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
    19 Goal Oriented HCI
    20 Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
     19* Goal Oriented HCI
     20* Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
    2121TAM provides insights on the ease of use and usability of the technology presented to the users. This applies to both Publishers and Subscribers. This is a subjective analysis of the intervention.
    22 Goal Oriented HCI
     23=== Goal Oriented HCI ===
    2324There are two elements to the Goal Oriented HCI:
    24 Objectively analyze the functional transition
    25 Subjectively analyze the functional transition
     25* Objectively analyze the functional transition
     26* Subjectively analyze the functional transition
    27 Screen Capture
     28=== Screen Capture ===
    2829We will install a screen capture software. The screen capture software will capture the behaviour of the user and the sequence of executing each process. This will provide the evaluators with insights of the ease of use and usability of the system. It may relate to the level or training and expectation of the user’s aptitude.
    2930Focus Group Discussion
     32== Tools ==
     33Several survey instruments and evaluation guidelines
     35=== For Observers ===
     361. [Observe Alerting Authorities publishing CAP messages
     38=== For Publishers ===
     41=== for Subscribers ===
     421. [ Perception of SAMBRO using TAM]
     431. [
    3044== References ==
    3145* [ Kirk Patrick's Four Level Training Evaluation]