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    88To evaluate the performance of SAMBRO, along with the underlying Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) content standard and procedures, we are introducing an objective and subjective evaluation approach. The evaluation is specific to early warning and alerting. Through structured scenario-based simulation exercises, we will evaluate the performance of the users and the usability and ease of use of the system.
     11== Technology ==
     13=== Issuing Alerts (Publish) ===
     14Primarily there are two types of devices that can be used for issuing messages:
     15* Personal Computer (PC) - Desktop, Laptop, Notebook
     16* SmartPhones (including Tablet PCs)
     18SAMBRO offers two types of applications:
     19* Browser-based application that is accessible through a PC or SmartPhone
     20* Mobile-based application (Android & iOS) that is accessible using a SmartPhone only
     22Receiving Alerts (Subscribe)
     23There are multiple channels for receiving alerts: SMS, Email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook. Only “public” alerts are received over Twitter and Facebook. SAMBRO offers two RSS feeds: one that carries public warnings and the other that carries restricted and private warnings. SMS and Email are purely for those Administrator and Self controlled Subscribers.
     25The user may chose to receive alerts on a PC, SmarPhone, or Standard Mobile Phone. Each of the devices have their limitations. For example, unless you have configure a PC to receive SMS, you may only receive SMS alerts over SmartPhones and Standard Mobile Phones. While Email can be received on any device.
    1127== Methodology ==