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    55|| [[Image(]] || Under a well-developed disaster management system, the Disaster Management Organization(s) of a Country should be aware of and should map every significant emergency incident or risk in the country. Disseminating such information among multiple agencies with disparate systems can be complicated. [ Multi-Agency Situational-Awareness (MASA) platforms facilitate the integration of silo-ed Organizations and dilutes inter-agency rivalry] at every level of a National warning and incident management system. Such a platform that incorporates the [ Common Alerting Protocol] (CAP) standard is far more likely to interoperate with National and International warning systems. Moreover, the CAP content standard lays out emergency policies and procedures for streamlined information sharing among multiple agencies.The [ World Meteorological Organization], [ International Telecommunication Union], and [ OASIS] (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) are advocates of CAP and continue to promote the adoption of the warning standard. Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker ('''SAMBRO''') is essentially a Sahana Eden template designed for Multi-Agency Situational-Awareness. Moreover, it adopts the CAP standard for Sahana to interoperate with other warning systems.
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    79== OBJECTIVES ==
    810|| 1. Deliver the SAMBRO platform to share a common operating picture to improve coordination among multiple-agencies [[br]] 2. Introduce standards for interoperability to foster common policies and practices [[br]] 3. Deploy support and continue to improve the Sahana technology for integrated risk assessment, warning, and incident management [[br]] 4. Make the SAMBRO a superior Sahana product developed and maintained by the Sahana Centre for Excellence [[br]]Asian Institute of Technology Geoinformatics Centre [[br]] 5. Provide training aids for system administrators, implementers, emergency managers, and other users to easy interact with SAMBRO [[br]] 6. SAMBRO to function as stand alone computing device (e.g. laptop and an IVR or GSM-modem) as well as hosted on an intranet or the internet || [[Image(]] ||