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    1818* '''private''' facility information that can be used for shipping, receiving and storing inventory
     20The ability to embed the public portion of a specific network's directory, such as the SILTRO's list of member organizations, on their website to replace the current Google Fusion Table Embed ( would be amazing.
    2022=== Permissions ===
    2123* Clear out existing users and start fresh with new user groups:
    2527  * '''logistics users''' can manage their own facilities and manage requests
    2628  * '''logistics admins''' can manage inventory in all facilities and manage requests
    27   * '''case managers''' have the same permissions are "members" and the added ability to interact with requests
     29  * '''case managers''' have the same permissions are "members" and the added ability to interact with requests. More work to support case managers as a major use case will be done in future iterations.
    2931=== Home Page ===
    7577The first row defines the field labels.  Green colored fields should be implements, yellow fields can be kept and red fields should be deleted or hidden from view.
     79== Back Burner ==
    7781=== Case Managers ===
    7882LTROs would like to give disaster case managers the ability to request goods from relief hubs that are managing inventories in Staten Island. 
    8791* Number of Children
    8892* Additional Info (notes with an instruction about NOT including any personally identifiable information anywhere in the victim profile)
    89 == Back Burner ==
     94=== Projects ===
    9096For Anonymous Users creating projects:
    9197* Give Anonymous Users the ability to create projects Currently this would be possible right now if it weren't for "lead implementer" not allowing people to make a selection or "add an organization".  If this is due to Anonymous users not having the ability to see organizations, then that will be fixed by giving them that ability.
    9298* Anonymous users project should go into a "private" status until they are accepted by the "project admin users" in which case they'd be made public.
    94 === Projects ===