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    13This requires us to focus the next Sahana update on:
    24* modifying the organization '''directory''' for use by Network Coordination Groups like the Staten Island Long Term Recovery Organization
    57* updating the site's '''home page''' for each user type to better explain the solution
    68* update the site's '''design''' to match the design of the rest of NYCPrepared toolset.
     10== Tasks ==
     11=== Contact Directory Update ===
     14The group structure can be used to document the participation and membership of organizations and staff in "network groups" such as VOADs and LTROs, and their subcommitteees and working groups. 
     15* Create two types of groups - one in which organizations are members and another in which people are members.  This is a setting that can be configured when a group is first created.
     16* Implement a parent child relationship into groups.  One hierarchical relationship is essential, but two would give flexibility. I can't imagine a scenario in which more than 4 or 5 levels would be necessary.
     17* Add "Parent Group" to Group "Basic Details", between "Group Name" and "Group Description".  One parent group is sufficient for now but ideally there would be an unlimited number of hierarchical structures to which a group could be associated.
     18* Add a tab for "Sub Groups" that displays all child groups of this group.
     22Add fields to organization "basic details" tab:
     23  * add URL field for "iCAL" between "RSS" and "Twitter" fields.
     24  * add URL field for "Data" below "iCAL" URL field.  (This will be a link to the organization's page on
     25  * add URL field for "Facebook" below "Twitter" field.
     26* Add a tab for groups that shows all groups of which the organization is a member.
     28Permissions note: all organization "basic details" fields should be available to the public.
     32Modify Staff Member details:
     33* Remove: sex, marital status, nationality, religion from "personal details"
     35== Bugs ==
     36*  Auto-complete starts spinning and then never stops, making it impossible to select an option.  I've experienced this issue at "Staff Member Details > Address > Add Existing Location".
     38== Sandbox ==
    840=== Network Directories ===