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This requires us to focus the next Sahana update on:

  • modifying the organization directory for use by Network Coordination Groups like the Staten Island Long Term Recovery Organization
  • general usability improvements for managing inventory and assets for use by relief hubs
  • reorganizing permissions to accommodate our new use cases
  • updating the site's home page for each user type to better explain the solution
  • update the site's design to match the design of the rest of NYCPrepared toolset.


Contact Directory Update

Groups The group structure can be used to document the participation and membership of organizations and staff in "network groups" such as VOADs and LTROs, and their subcommitteees and working groups.

  • Create two types of groups - one in which organizations are members and another in which people are members. This is a setting that can be configured when a group is first created.
  • Implement a parent child relationship into groups. One hierarchical relationship is essential, but two would give flexibility. I can't imagine a scenario in which more than 4 or 5 levels would be necessary.
  • Add "Parent Group" to Group "Basic Details", between "Group Name" and "Group Description". One parent group is sufficient for now but ideally there would be an unlimited number of hierarchical structures to which a group could be associated.
  • Add a tab for "Sub Groups" that displays all child groups of this group.

Organizations Add fields to organization "basic details" tab:

  • add URL field for "iCAL" between "RSS" and "Twitter" fields.
  • add URL field for "Data" below "iCAL" URL field. (This will be a link to the organization's page on
  • add URL field for "Facebook" below "Twitter" field.
  • Add a tab for groups that shows all groups of which the organization is a member.

Permissions note: all organization "basic details" fields should be available to the public.

Staff Modify Staff Member details:

  • Remove: sex, marital status, nationality, religion from "personal details"


  • Auto-complete starts spinning and then never stops, making it impossible to select an option. I've experienced this issue at "Staff Member Details > Address > Add Existing Location".


This area has outdated information into it that is slowly being turned into tasks.

Network Directories

The main uses of are for hosting the membership contact directories of "network coordination groups". These include the following information for each group:

  • public directory of groups involved in network coordination groups that includes data feeds for news (RSS) and events (iCAL).
    • display all "basic details" to the public
    • add URL field for "iCAL"
    • add URL field for "Data". This will be a link to the organization's page on
    • add URL field for "Facebook"
  • private directory of staff contact information
    • add their association with a "Network"
    • use "Groups" for LTRG subcommittees (this will require creating a hierarchical group structure so, for example, a donations management group can be listed under a "SI LTRO" group.
  • private facility information that can be used for shipping, receiving and storing inventory

The ability to embed the public portion of a specific network's directory, such as the SILTRO's list of member organizations, on their website to replace the current Google Fusion Table Embed ( would be amazing.


  • Clear out existing users and start fresh with new user groups:
    • anonymous are unlogged in users. They can only see the "basic details" of organizations.
    • members are associated with an organization in the system. They can manage their own profile, the profile of their organization and view all organization directory information.
    • network admin can manage the list of organizations in their network and all information related to those organizations.
    • logistics users can manage their own facilities and manage requests
    • logistics admins can manage inventory in all facilities and manage requests
    • case managers have the same permissions are "members" and the added ability to interact with requests. More work to support case managers as a major use case will be done in future iterations.

Request People

Error: When requesting people, the system forgets the skill when I add it to the "details" page AND forgets it when I try to enter a skill through the "People" sub menu item.

Request Services


  • Add Services


  • Replace "Create Facility" with "Create"


  • Replace "People Registry" with "People"


  • Assets
  • Inventory
  • Replace "Stoke Count" wit "Count"
  • Replace Shipment

Hide Cases section - for now...


Individual Contacts

  • Associate people with "Projects" after Job Title question

Staff Members person details:

  • Remove: sex, marital status, nationality, religion
  • Allow for people to select a facility as their address.

Home Page

  • write a new home/front page with content for:
    • anonymous
    • organization users
    • logistics users
    • case managers

Inventory and Assets

Key Question: Stock Counts are the primary way people maintain an inventory in Sahana, but this is not always ideal. Would it be possible to give facilities the option to manage their stock on a rolling basis in which they can edit item quantities directly from their stock screens and a log is kept of all the changes?

Key Features

  • When sending a shipment, after it auto-corrects an item, the system used to show how many items the user still had in stock, but no longer does that. It would be nice for it to continue to do that.
  • Send Shipment > Add New Item, the pull down menu only shows the item name. It should show both the item name and the pack.
  • Give users the ability to edit stock from the Facility > Warehouse > Stock page, maybe they could toggle "Stock Adjustment On" to reveal editable table of items.
  • Change information displayed at Facility > Warehouse > Stock table to: Item - Category - Pack - Pack Quantity - Unit Quantity - <action> - Bin - Expiration - Owner - Supplier - Status - Updated. Ideally this could be displayed less like a table and more like this.
  • During Stock Counts, Sahana gives autocompleted recommendations when adding an item. Those recommendations only have the Item's Name. It would be better if they also had the item's Catalog. For example, "Water" would be displayed as "Water (Sandy)"
  • Include Pack unit information whenever packs are displayed. For example, "4 boxes" would display as "4 boxes (36 x piece)"
  • Give users the ability to delete items and item categories, but make it less likely they will accidently do so by creating a "Safety Button". To active delete functionality( reveal delete buttons), the user must click the "safety" button. The safety button would be off by default.
  • On the "Adjust Item Quantity" page, all the "reasons" for the adjustment are options for why there are less items, not why there are more. Please add the following reasons: "delivery", "found"

Reporting Features:

Additional Features

  • Add a search bar to the sidebar menu, maybe with a drop down to specify what types of items to search.
  • Color code permission features so you can see what options other people can't see
  • Give users the ability to see what permissions they have been granted - maybe in their user profile?
  • Floating sidebar menu?

Assets [Low Priority]

The following items have been defined in this spreadsheet:

  • Asset
  • Asset Log

The first row defines the field labels. Green colored fields should be implements, yellow fields can be kept and red fields should be deleted or hidden from view.

Back Burner

Case Managers

LTROs would like to give disaster case managers the ability to request goods from relief hubs that are managing inventories in Staten Island.

This means allowing "case managers" to view the inventory at participating locations. Ideally case managers couldn't see quantities of items, just that they exist and can be requested.


  • Sahana ID #
  • Priority (1-10 rating)
  • Disabled
  • Family w/ children (2-18)
  • Number of Children
  • Additional Info (notes with an instruction about NOT including any personally identifiable information anywhere in the victim profile)


For Anonymous Users creating projects:

  • Give Anonymous Users the ability to create projects Currently this would be possible right now if it weren't for "lead implementer" not allowing people to make a selection or "add an organization". If this is due to Anonymous users not having the ability to see organizations, then that will be fixed by giving them that ability.
  • Anonymous users project should go into a "private" status until they are accepted by the "project admin users" in which case they'd be made public.

Projects: Change headings to

  • Project Name
  • Project Blurb
  • Status (Past, Present, Future)
  • Lead Implementer
  • Total Funded
  • Website

Project Details:

Under Basic Details

  • Drop "categories" from profile/display

Under Organizations

  • Add "Date Created" to display table
  • Add "Proposal" field where a link to the proposal or budget can be added.

Under Activities

  • new order: Project Title (not blurb and title), Activity Title (instead of name), Short Description (make field larger text box), Date
  • Can this generate a proper RSS feed?

Under Media NOTE: projects can use this tab to upload budgets and see their status.

  • Can this tab be viewed only by project admins?
  • Can we add "status" to Media and give project admin users the ability to: (1) add comments to the media, (2) change media status (pending, accepted, rejected, modified)

Under Staff

  • Change tab name from "Staff" to "Members"
  • Make this tab only view-able to Project Admins

NOTE: if we can't make Media and Staff tabs restricted while having the "Projects" section available, implement the changes anyway, but it's likely we won't use those tabs in the official "project process".

Eliminate the Volunteers tab


Organization Directory

  • create an archive of the existing sandyrelief system so it can be reviewed by others
  • clear out existing "organizations" and replace them with LTRO membership, starting with the Staten Island LTRO member directory.

Organization Tabs

  • Basic Details
  • Contacts
  • Facilities
  • Projects
  • Assets

Organization Basic Details

  • Name
  • Acronym
  • Organization Type (check boxes)
    • Coalition
    • Religious
    • Business
    • Government
    • Nonprofit
    • Grassroots
    • Foundation
  • Services (checkbox)
    • Muck-Out
    • Rebuild
    • Mold Remediation
    • Legal Services
    • Health/Safety Training
    • Referral Services
    • Disaster Case Management
    • Housing Re-Location
    • Rental Assistance
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Furniture
    • Medical
    • Mental Health
    • Spiritual Care
    • Mortgage Assistance
    • Financial Assistance
    • Free Tax Assistance
    • Volunteer Housing
    • Volunteer Coordination
    • Volunteer Showers
    • Supplies
    • HUB
    • POD
    • Elected Official
    • Government Service Org
    • Immigrant Services
    • Senior Citizen Services
    • Disaster Preparedness
  • Network (check box)
    • Staten Island LTRO
    • Brooklyn LTRO
    • Queens LTRO
    • VOAD
    • Government:City
    • Government:State
    • Government:Federal
    • Business
    • Other
  • Address
  • Neighborhoods Served (checkbox):
    • Brooklyn
    • Manhattan
    • Staten Island
    • The Bronx
    • Queens
    • All NYC
    • Hudson Valley
    • Jersey City
    • Hoboken
    • Union City
    • North New Jersey
    • Central New Jersey
    • South New Jersey

[list of all NYC neighborhoods:] Could we group them by borough?

  • Phone
  • Phone 2
  • Email
  • Website
  • RSS
  • Twitter
  • Description
  • Comments

Organization Search:

  • Name
  • Network
  • Neighborhood (could we make it so that people can indicate
  • Services
  • Organization Type
  • Keyword

Organization Table View:

  • Name
  • Organization Type
  • Network
  • Services
  • Neighborhoods Served

Additional Lower Priority Changes

View All

  • Hide “Department” and add “Groups”
  • Eliminate “Contract End Date”


  • Replace the word “Team” with “Group” throughout the system.
  • Enable us to click on a contact’s name in “Group View” > “View Member” and have that take us to that person’s contact profile.

Staff Member

  • “Teams” tab on member profile currently displays a table with “Person, Team Leader, Description” when it should display “Team Name, Team Leader?, Description” and allow the user to “Open” the team view.
  • Implement Staff profile changes as indicated in “Sahana for Sandy - Templates” spreadsheet

Apps to Integrate

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