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    2626 1. Set up the Python Interpreter:
    2727  i. Window > Preferences > !PyDev > Interpreter - Python
    28   i. New, Browse to python26/python.exe, OK, OK
     28  i. New, Browse to python26/python.exe (or python27/python.exe if using 2.7), OK, OK
    2929 2. Add a new !PyDev Project:
    3030  i. File > New > Project > !PyDev Project > Next
    3131  i. untick Use Default
    3232  i. Browse to the web2py directory
    33   i. Give the project a name: "web2py", Next
     33  i. Give the project a name, e.g.: "web2py", Next
    3434  i. untick "Create default 'src' folder and add it to the pythonpath"
    3535 3. Debug Configuration: Run > Debug Configurations > Python Run
    36   i. Name: Sahana Eden
     36  i. Name: Enter a name, e.g. web2py or eden.
    3737  i. Project: Browse to web2py
    3838  i. Main Module: Browse to
    39   i. Arguments tab: Program Arguments: -a password
     39  i. Arguments tab: Program Arguments: -a password (Choose a password for web2py and substitute it for "password".)
    4040  i. Apply, Debug
    4141  i. unblock in Windows Firewall
    4545  i. Add, OK
    4646  i. Select {{{Web, XML and Java EE Development}}}
    47   i. Select {{{Web Tool Platform}}}(?)
    48   i. tick to trust certificate, Restart now
     47  i. (If present) select {{{Web Tool Platform}}}
     48  i. (If you get a conflicting dependency error, deselect the problem tool.)
     49  i. Tick to trust certificate, Restart now
    5051 6. Miscellaneous suggestions: