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    4646  i. On the Main tab:  Name: Enter (e.g.) web2py
    4747  i. Project: Select web2py (should be the only option)
    48   i. On the Main tab: Browse to (on the Linux VM, this is {{{/home/web2py/}}})
     48  i. Main module: /home/web2py/ (Type, don't browse)
    4949  i. On the Arguments tab: Type in the program arguments: "-a password" (Choose a password for web2py and substitute it for "password".)
    5050  i. Click Apply. Close the configuration window.
    51   i. In the PyDev Package Explorer tab, click web2py to select it. (Without this, you will get an error saying $project_loc is empty. This is an Eclipse issue.)
    5251  i. In the toolbar below the main Eclipse menu bar, find the bug icon and click the down-arrow next to it. Click the option that has a "P" superscript, which executes the Python command line we just set. (The option with a "U" runs unittests, which are not what we want now.)
    5352  i. On Windows: If asked, unblock in Windows Firewall (not necessary on the Linux VM).