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    5151  i. On the Main tab:  Name: Enter (e.g.) web2py
    5252  i. Project: Select web2py (should be the only option)
    53   i. Main module: /home/web2py/ (Type, don't browse)
     53  i. Main module:
     54     i. Windows: Browse to
     55     i. Linux: If browsing to gives an error, type the full path, e.g.: /home/web2py/
    5456  i. On the Arguments tab: Type in the program arguments: "-a password" (Choose a password for web2py and substitute it for "password".)
    5557  i. Click Apply. Click Debug which launches the debugger.
    5961  i. Right-click on Java perspective in top-right & select Close
    6062  i. Window > Open Perspective > Other > Debug
    61   i. Window > Show View > Expressions
    62   i. Window > Show View > Expressions > Other > !PyDev > !PyDev Package Explorer[[br]]
     63  i. Window > Show View > Other > Debug > Expressions
     64  i. Window > Show View > Other > !PyDev > !PyDev Package Explorer[[br]]
    6365     (This is where you will need to select web2py before trying Run or Debug to avoid the empty $project_loc error.)
    6466  i. Drag the Expressions, Console, Tasks tabs to the upper right, where the Variables tab is. Drag !PyDev Package Explorer to the upper left where Debug is. (This leaves more space for the editor view.)