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Eclipse is a full IDE supporting Debugging & Code Completion.

PyDev is an Eclipse module which supports Python.


  1. Instal Eclipse 3.6:
  2. Instal PyDev through Eclipse:
    1. Eclipse > Help > Install New Software
    2. Work with:
    3. Follow through the steps (exclude PyDev Mylyn Integration (optional) if it gives you errors
  3. Set up the Python Interpreter: Window > Preferences > PyDev > Interpreter - Python
  4. Add a new PyDev Project: File > New > Project > PyDev Project. Choose the web2py directory.
  5. Debug Configuration: Run > Debug Configuration
    1. Set Project
    2. Main Module: Select
    3. Arguments: Program Arguments: -a 1234

Other Installation Guides (should not be required):

Bzr integration (optional):

Debugging with Eclipse

  • Set and remove breakpoints by double clicking in the margin of the code file.
  • F5 Step into functions
  • F6 Step over lines
  • F7 Step out of functions
  • Use expressions (drag and drop from code) or right-click > watch


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