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table.settings (& consequently resource.settings) is a flexible JSON storage for configuration settings (equivalent to s3db.configure() on the Eden web application).

Here are some of the settings which are in-use:

Developer Settings

Setting Purpose Structure
autoUpload Whether a resource should prompt to sync new/modified records directly back to the server Boolean (Defaults to False if not defined)
autototals Allow a field to default to the sum of a set of other fields, whilst still allowing manual entry {"sumFieldname": ["sourceFieldname1", "sourceFieldname2"]}
grids Allow a set of fields to render as a Table in the form {"pseudoFieldname": {"r": ["rowLabel1", "rowLabel2"], "c": ["colLabel1", "colLabel2"], "f": [["realFieldname_forC1R1","realFieldname_forC1R2"],["realFieldname_forC2R1","realFieldname_forC2R2"]]}
insertable Whether a resource should allow local creation of new records Boolean (Defaults to True if not defined)
showHidden When this checkbox field is selected then unhide all the relevant fields {"fieldname": "fieldname2"} or {"fieldname": ["fieldname2", "fieldname3"]}
subheadings Provide subheadings within CRUD create/update forms {"fieldname": "Heading"} or {"fieldname": ["Heading1", "Heading2"]}
widget Widget options "checkbox" or {"type": "location", "parent": 4}


  • For server-side dynamic models to export their table.settings to Mobile table.settings need to add to SERIALIZABLE_OPTS in
  • Server-side dynamic models export their directly to Mobile field.settings.

Internal Settings

These are settings which a developer may see, but generally shouldn't need to touch

Setting Purpose Structure
main Whether this is a primary resource rather than a component or lookup table boolean
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