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    7777== Student Workflow ==
     79=== Normal process ===
    7981We will be using a !GitHub repository just for GCI, rather than submitting code directly to the main repository.
    8082This will help us conserve the time of the (very busy) folks who have to approve submissions to the main repository.
    132134* Create the pull request.
    133135* Continue with the code review as usual.
     137=== Aggregation cycle ===
     139Every few days, we will send your completed work to the main repository. In order to do this, we will need to freeze work on the staging branch, so we can use that for a pull request to the main repository. So if you happen to have a pull request open to the staging branch when this happens, we will temporarily close your pull request. Then after we have made a new staging branch with the latest updates from the main repository, we will ask you to rebase your work from the new staging branch, and open a new pull request there. The command to rebase is identical to the one above (that you would do if there is a conflict during your code review).
     140* Continue with the code review as usual.