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    8888Possibly we could add a pre-commit hook to run tests, e.g. based on or
     90== How to get your work Merged into Trunk ==
     91 * Make sure your work is fully tested.
     92 * Tell git about any new files you've added. If you've added a new directory, you can just add the files in the directory and git will add the directory too. (Do "git help add" for a description of how to use the bzr add command.)
     94git add filename...
     96 * Commit your changes -- this records them in your local git repository. Provide a message that describes what the change is for. If it fixes a bug, include the ticket number.
     98git commit -a -m "Describe your change here."
     100 * It is really important, that the forked and the main eden repositorys are in sync here as we want to avoid merge-conflicts. To do that we need a branch of the eden master-repository:
     102 * Make sure that you are in the Eden directory here!
     103git remote add upstream
     104git fetch upstream
     106 * Now you have a branch of the original Eden repository. If you want to update your master-branch, you can fetch it again and merge both branches:
     108git fetch upstream
     109git merge upstream/master
     111 * Solve the conflicts if there were any
     112 * Finally commit the merged version, push it to GitHub and send a Pull-Request on the GitHub site:
     114git status
     115... add missing files ...
     116git commit -a -m "Some message"
     117git push
    89120== Resources ==
    90121* Community Book: