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Email Channel

The Web2Py framework has a Mail class (defined in gluon/ which we make use of within Eden.

We configure this through settings in our Templates.

These settings are then read in {{models/}}:

sender = settings.get_mail_sender()
if sender:
    mail.settings.sender = sender
    mail.settings.server = settings.get_mail_server()
    mail.settings.tls = settings.get_mail_server_tls()
    mail_server_login = settings.get_mail_server_login()
    if mail_server_login:
        mail.settings.login = mail_server_login
    # Email settings for registration verification and approval
    _settings.mailer = mail

We wrap this within our Messaging module (modules/s3/ & so send mails using: msg.send_email(to,

subject, message, attachments=None, cc=None, bcc=None, reply_to=None, sender="%(sender)s", encoding="utf-8")


Can send emails with dynamic data inserted into templates (like HTML pages):

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