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Correct order!


Writing code which runs fast.

Consider having configurations which are read from DB frequently but written-to rarely, be set in configuration files which are written-out from the DB (like the CSS from themes)

Specific Examples

NB These vary on cases, so use the Profiler to see how they work in your cases...

for i in range(0, len(rows)):
     row = rows[i]

runs much faster than:

 for row in rows:

(0.05 vs. 0.001 seconds in one test case, 2x improvement in another & a slight negative improvement in a 3rd).

value = db(, limitby=(0, 1))[0]

runs 1.5x faster than:

value = table[id].field

(0.012 vs. 0.007 seconds vs in a test case)



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