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    1818This is used to hold additional details of the question. The valid metadata that can be stored will be defined by the [#types (question type)].
     20For example: if the question type is option, then valid metadata might be:
     21||= Key =||= Descriptions =||= Value =||
     22||count || the number of options that will be presented || 3 ||
     23|| 1 || the first option || Female ||
     24|| 2 || the second option || Male ||
     25|| 3 || the third option || Not Specified ||
     27So in the above case a question record will be associated with four question_metadata records.
    2029=== survey_question_list ===
     30The survey_question_list table is a resolver between the survey_question and the survey_section tables.
     32Along with ids mapping back to these tables it will have a code that can be used to reference the question it will have the position that the question will appear in the template.
    2234=== survey_series ===
    23 === survey_response ===
     35The survey_series table is used to hold all uses of a template
     37When a series is first created the template status will change from
     38Pending to Active and at the stage no further changes to the
     39template can be made.
     41Typically a series will be created for an event, which may be a
     42response to a natural disaster, an exercise,
     43or regular data collection activity.
     45The series is a container for all the responses for the event
     47=== survey_complete ===
     48The survey_complete table holds all of the answers for a completed
     49response. It has a link back to the series this response belongs to.
     51Whilst this table holds all of the answers in a text field during
     52the onaccept each answer is extracted and then stored in the
     53survey_answer table. This process of moving the answers to a
     54separate table makes it easier to analyse the answers
     55for a given question across all responses.
    2457=== survey_answer ===
     58The survey_answer table holds the answer for a single response of a given question.
    2560== The Question Types [=#types]==
    2661== The Question Widgets ==