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    112112Note: `*** Settings ***`, `*** Variables ***` sections stay as it is.
     114== Smoke Tests ==
     115Smoke testing is preliminary testing to reveal simple failures severe enough to reject a prospective software. In Eden, smoke tests crawl through whole of Eden upto a configurable depth and checks to see if any URL it visits is broken. If broken, it catches the traceback/error (if present) and reports it on the console. It also generates a log file in the folder it is run by the name <timestamp>_smoke_tests_log.txt which contain every URL it visited and its status.
     117=== How to run smoke tests? ===
     118Smoke tests are present in the testsuite file '''eden/tests/implementation/testsuites/smoke_tests.txt'''. There are various configuration options present at the top of the suite in the `*** Variables ***` section like `MAXDEPTH`, `EXT LINKS`, `START URL`, `ROOT URL` etc.
     120Assuming you are in the directory where web2py is located and your eden app is named eden, run this command to run the smoke tests:
     122python --no-banner -M -S eden  -R applications/eden/tests/ -A  smoke_tests  -o NONE -l NONE
     124It is advised not to create the log and output file as they are too detailed to be informative.
     125If any traceback is generated, it will be shown on the command line. The log file that will be generated will contain something like
     127ttp://localhost:8000/eden/default/index - PASSED
     128http://localhost:8000/eden/admin/index - PASSED
     129http://localhost:8000/eden/default/person - PASSED
     130http://localhost:8000/eden/default/user/change_password - FAILED
     134As of right now, smoke tests are a little slow. So, the next step will be to optimize the speed of the smoke tests.
    114137== Data driven testing ==