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     1= Development Guidelines - =
     4== Usability Rules ==
     5These are some rules to try to follow to provide a good user experience
     6* Avoid displaying "True", "False" or "None", there are code terms and will confus some users. Try "Yes", "No" or "-" instead.
    18== Usability Testing ==
    29Whilst we have had a fair amount of testing and bug reports filed, we are also looking for good user experience testing and recommended improvements to make it easier for untrained users to operate Sahana effectively in challenging situations.
    411We are currently going through a lot of Rapid Application Development as new requests for capabilities go in, and this sometimes means that the user experience is less than optimal. As such, we'd like some good testing of the user experience, and would welcome any suggestions and improvements.
    6 === Usability Testing Rules of Engagement ===
     13=== Rules of Engagement ===
    714 * The testing should take place on our Demo server which is located at - your first task will be to register and apply for an account ;)
    815 * You will need a Trac account to log tickets for UI/UX bugs and enhancements - please jump into #sahana-eden on and ask for an account to be created for you.
    1219 * We are not currently testing the installation process, our main UX interest currently is around the deployed interface.
    14 == Usability Guidelines ==
     21== Usability Resources ==
    1522''Please note all usability recommendations and guidelines here.''
    3542== Usability Feedback ==
    36 Some feedback from IBM's UX team:
     43Please feel free to share your Usability Feedback here - or have a go at actioning any of this feedback!
     44=== From IBM's UX team ===
    37451. Selected tabs can have a changed color {other than non selected} to indicate which part of website we are in.
    38462.  "More" Tab  has too many links, If possible, few section from "More" tab should be clubbed together.