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This is an MVC environment (like Rails & Django).

Web2Py can work at several different levels of abstraction.
The SahanaPy framework (S3) is mainly built on the simplified T2 level, however sometimes we need more control therefore need to drop down a level or two.
Web2py also includes a T3 level of abstraction, but we're not using that directly (just borrowing ideas).


Defines databases in: /models/

The Models are loaded 1st within Web2Py processing, before the controllers.
So you can import any global modules/set any global variables here.
The Models are imported in alphabetical order, so we load the files which other modules depend on 1st, hence naming them with an underscore:,


Python functions in /controllers/

   def list_records():
       return dict (list=list)


HTML/Javascript templates in /views/module/function.html

  • these are normal HTML/JS files with the ability to add in Python code (e.g. variables) surrounded by brackets: {{ interpreted python here }}
  • there should be an .html file available for each function in the module (name normally being the same as the function)
  • these normally inherit from views/layout.html which also includes the JavaScript from views/*_ajax.html
  • if there is no view defined then a default view will be displayed, which will show the values of all the data it can see, but not be formatted nicely

Static CSS/Javascript files are stored in /static

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