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     1== Disaster Response: Remote ==
     4Group of virtual volunteers, physically remote from an incident but collaborating to reduce suffering and provide situational awareness to any interested parties.[[BR]]
     5Volunteers may be members of existing organizations (SBTF, GIS Corps, HOT OSM) or interested individuals who have become alerted to an opportunity.[[BR]]
     7'''Types of Assistance:'''
     8* collect social media messages (Twitter, Facebook, Baidu)
     9* collect email and SMS messages
     10* collect news, RSS and transcribed radio or voice communications
     11* translate messages
     12* categorize messages
     13* determine geographic coordinates of a need or event
     14* provide cumulative effort impossible or inconvenient for single agencies
     15* generate image digitization for shared maps
     16* provide analytical assessment
     17* store communications
     18* supplement existing information networks
     20=== Technology ===
     21Standards Compliant database containing:
     22* event identification
     23* reporter details
     24* the Report
     25* available means of communication
     26* history of interactions regarding that report
     27* location coordinates
     28* multiple location names associated with that coordinate
     29* related reports
     30* time value (to track an events evolution)
     31* supporting or responding agencies (who has viewed it, who is responding)
     32* severity of event
     33* category (icon driven menu)
     34* media (photo, video, audio)
     35* URL groups (supporting organizations, coordinating documents, related web resources)
     36* URL description
     37* relevant feed generation (API or RSS etc.)
     38* tracking of message view or response