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    167167== User Stories ==
    168 BluePrintScenario:
    169 {{{
    170 <apocsantos> The airport has 5 levels of alert
    171 <apocsantos> if they call up an alert there is a "resource template" to be activated and made availiable
    172 <apocsantos> for example level 2 alert means we (vila do conde fire department) has to make availiable 5 ambulances with crew, 2 trucks, 1 comand vehicle, and 1 extrication truck
    173 <apocsantos> so every time the alert is triggered the opcom has to check the level of alert and read the procedures, so that he can make the call for volunteers and vehicles
    174 <apocsantos> so imagine a guy under lots of pressure having to send sms alert to call in volunteers
    175 <apocsantos> read the pages for the procedures, see what it's needed and when
    176 <flavour> & we'd like to automate that
    177 <flavour> Select the Scenario from a dropdown
    178 <flavour> It says : OK you need these resources, Press 'Notify' to alert them
    179 <apocsantos> but level five alert (red alert) needs to have clearance from a commanding officer
    180 <apocsantos> for for that level a password would be required
    181 <flavour> How do the vehciles get mobilised?
    182 <apocsantos> if that level of alert is called "a plain has crashed or crash is unavoidable"
    183 <flavour> Volunteers get told to collect them in their mobilisation note?
    184 <apocsantos> volunteers get to the headquarters, and the opcom says what vehicles are needed
    185 <apocsantos> and have to select the crews
    186 <apocsantos> most usualy we "make the crews", with volunteers we are use to work with and have served together in the past
    187 <apocsantos> but that is one of the opcom tasks
    188 <apocsantos> we get in, get geared up, and say "ready and our internal id number"
    189 <flavour> So nothing in the mobilisation order other than 'attend base'
    190 <apocsantos> yep
    191 <apocsantos> it's one of the major fails
    192 <apocsantos> not all of us have training for those situations
    193 <apocsantos> just a few have EMS training
    194 <apocsantos> most just have EMT training
    195 }}}
     168 * BluePrintScenario
    197171== Design ==