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    2828''Effective emergency management and incident response activities begin with a host of preparedness activities conducted on an ongoing basis, in advance of any potential incident. Preparedness involves an integrated combination of '''assessment'''; '''planning'''; '''procedures and protocols'''; '''training and exercises'''; '''personnel qualifications''', licensure, and certification; equipment certification; and evaluation and revision.''
     30===== Procedural Documents =====
     31====== Standard Operating Procedure or Operations Manual ======
     32''Complete reference document that provides the purpose, authorities, duration, and details for the preferred method of performing a single function or a number of interrelated functions in a uniform manner.''
     34====== Field Operations Guide or Incident Management Handbook ======
     35''Durable pocket or desk guide that contains essential information required to perform specific assignments or functions.''
     37====== Mobilization Guide ======
     38''Reference document used by agencies/organizations outlining agreements, processes, and procedures used by all participating organizations for activating, assembling, and transporting resources.''
     40====== Job Aid  ======
     41''Checklist or other visual aid intended to ensure that specific steps for completing a task or assignment are accomplished. Job aids serve as training aids to teach individuals how to complete specific job tasks.''
    3042==== Communications and Information Management ====
    3143''Emergency management and incident response activities rely on communications and information systems that provide a common operating picture to all command and coordination sites. NIMS describes the requirements necessary for a standardized framework for communications and emphasizes the need for a '''common operating picture'''. This component is based on the concepts of '''interoperability''', '''reliability''', '''scalability''', and '''portability''', as well as the resiliency and '''redundancy''' of communications and information systems.''