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    1 = SahanaPy Workout @ =
     1= !SahanaPy Workout @ =
     3!SahanaPy will be having a week-long workout as [ 2009]
     5== Description ==
     6!SahanaPy is an example of HFOSS (Humanitarian FOSS).
     7It is a RAD framework for developing Emergency Management applications. [ Sahana] has been used to help support most major disasters since the Indian Ocean Tsunami including localised versions for floods in India (Bihar 2008 & Andhra Pradesh/Karnataka 2009).
     9The core team will all be physically together in in one place for the week to really push our framework to the next level. We'll be extending a warm welcome to any Python/!JavaScript programmers who wish to join in throughout the week.
     10We will be polishing up our back-end REST/XSLT-driven XML/JSON controller & developing new front-end UI tools - flexible layouts with advanced widgets (based on [ ExtJS] &/or [ jQuery] [ dataTables]/[ jEditable]) &  Growl-like notifications generated programmatically by the easy to use, lightweight & powerful Web2Py. We'll also be looking at improving our GIS functionality using Javascript toolkits like [ OpenLayers] & [ GeoExt]/[ MapFish].
     11We'll also be fixing our Testing framework, based on [ Selenium].
     13How will people benefit from attending?
     15 * Get acquainted with a new python web framework [ Web2Py]
     16 * Use advanced !JavaScript functionality
     17 * Get a sense of fulfilment from contributing to HFOSS
     19== Audience, Pre-requisites ==
     20Participants should be familiar with Web technologies such as !JavaScript & Python Frameworks. [ Web2Py], [ OpenLayers]/[ GeoExt]/[ MapFish] &/or [ Selenium] experience a plus.
     21If people can get time to familiarise with the codebase before the session then this would be extremely helpful, but isn't required.
     22If there are people with skills in Usability they are welcome even without programming skills.