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    1818=== Enhancements ===
     19==== Demo deployment settings. ====
     21We have an increasing demand for more instances of Sahana eden to be set up and to show case certain aspects of the software. These demo sites are basically out-of-the-box Sahana Eden with certain modules enabled and a specific main menu hierarchy, along with a fixed set of data to populate the demo so that all of the required features can be easily showcased.
     23Currently, their is a directory hierarchy private/prepopulate/demo which contains all of the perpopulate data and simple instructions on how to populate the database. What we want to add to this is a demo specific 000_config file. This file will hold the details of the modules that should be enabled, which includes their order on the main menu, It will also hold the prepopulate setting and any other settings specific to the demo.
     25In the template in the demo folder should be opened and the data copied into the file. After the file has been updated only those modules in the demo list shoudl be enables, all others should be disabled. Additionally, the prepopulate setting should be the same, along with teh registration settings. At the moment no other settings would need to be changed so each of these can be reeferenced directly in the code in
     27One problem is that this code needs to know which prepopulate demo directory to look into to find the demo deployment settings, and these details are in the file we're looking for. So a new module will need to b created which will be excluded from bzr and will set up the path to the demo deployment template. To help deployers, and an exampl eof waht this file should look like in
     28'''not migrated'''
    1929==== Add Social Media Share Buttons to Pages ====