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    118118== '''(7.0) Translation''' ==
    119 * Translating key phases (from home page)
     119* Translating key phases:
     120Each task consists of a language file (a spreadsheet) of about 100 strings. This file needs to be translated to the target language, with the translation in the target column.
     122Each string is related to data displayed on screens on the default home page, the registration page the login and out process and the personnel profile.
     124Depending upon the target language some of these strings have already been translated but you don't need to worry about what has and what has not been translated.
     126Do not use an automatic translation service, when these strings are being translated the meaning also needs to be retained. If you are unsure of the meaning, contact a mentor via IRC for assistance, and continue with other strings, until you get a reply.
     128Some strings contain a special sequence as follows: %(some_name)s this sequence must be retained within the translated string. The sequence always starts with a %( combination and ends with a ) followed by a singe letter, normally a s. As already stated this sequence must be retained exactly as written but the order within the string may change, depending upon the sentence structure of the target language. Again, if you are unsure contact a mentor via IRC for assistance.
     130To complete a task you should make an effort to translate all strings but occasionally it is not possible to translate some strings. A task will be accepted so long as more than 90% have been translated and a reasonable explanation of why the untranslated strings were left is provided. The final say on this is will be left up to the mentor.
    120132* Review code to for quality of localized strings (1 task = 3 fixes)
    121133 * Avoid concatenation of localized strings - use %(variable_name)s instead