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    99== '''Code''' ==
    1010=== Fixing Bugs ===
     11'''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    1112==== 2 x Hard: ====
    1213==== 2 x Easy: ====
    1516'''''Migrated to "Tasks to Upload"'''''
    1617==== Build library(ies) to integrate Emergency Data Exchange Language Distribution Element ====
     18'''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    1719Difficulty : '''HARD''' proposed by: [ | Nuwan] [[BR]]
    1820'''Specific  : '''[ | EDXL-DE] is the final wrapper (envelope) of all [ | EDXL] data package. We may be delivering a EDXL Resource Management (RM) information and Situational Reporting (SITREP) information to the managers of several emergency organizations. The DE will contain who, when, and where those RM and SITREP data parcels would be delivered. Every EDXL message (data package) must carry this information. Otherwise, it cannot use available distribution methods and would need to rely on its own protocol; that's not very user friendly. [[BR]]
    4143== Documentation ==
    42 '''''All Migrated to "Tasks to Upload"'''''
     44'''''All Migrated to "Tasks to Upload"'''''[[br]]
    4345=== Test Developers Installation Documentation for Windows ===
    4446Follow the documentation on to install a developer's instance of Sahana Eden on your Windows OS. Once you have completed send an email to the list stating:
    9496== '''Outreach''' ==
    9597=== Design Trac template to align with: ===
     98'''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    9699=== Videos ===
     100'''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    97101 * What is Sahana Eden (User focused)
    98102 * How to start developing in Sahana Eden (Developer Focused - high level overview)
    101105  *
    102106=== Give a presentation on Sahana Eden to a group (And Video) - hard ===
     107'''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    103108=== Design an IRC Bot to automatically greet new people who join the sahana-eden channel ===
     109'''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    104110We don't want to miss new people who show up on our IRC channels! But sometimes we're just not
    105111watching the chat. So we want a bot that will: