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    4343== Documentation ==
    44 '''''All Migrated to "Tasks to Upload"'''''[[br]]
     44'''''All documentation tasks migrated to "Tasks to Upload"'''''[[br]]
    4545=== Test Developers Installation Documentation for Windows ===
    4646Follow the documentation on to install a developer's instance of Sahana Eden on your Windows OS. Once you have completed send an email to the list stating:
    118118== '''Quality Assurance''' ==
    119 '''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    120119* 2 xTesting and reporting bugs
     120  '''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    121121* Using Selenium IDE create test scripts for application (easy)
     122  '''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    122123* Document the data needed for a selenium test script to run from a bare (prepopulated) system (medium)
     124  '''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    123125* Take a selenium script (see above) and using the test API generate a python test (hard)
     126  '''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    125128== '''Research''' ==
    175178=== Map elements between EDXL-SITREP and EDXL-RM ===
    176179'''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    177 Difficulty : '''EASY''' Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
     180Difficulty : '''HARD''' Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
    178181'''Specific    : ''' There are several elements within the [ | EDXL-SITREP] data standard that are identical to that of [ | EDXL-RM]. The objective is to create a descriptive table of those elements that a programmer can use to develop a set of procedures to strip the RM data from SITREP to manage records in the relational database [[BR]]
    179182'''Measurable  : ''' Requires diligently investigating each and every data element then comparing them with the two data standards SITREP and RM. Requires knowledge of data types and XML. If not, this exercise will help the student learn about XML and data standards [[BR]]
    184187Step 4 :: develop a simple XSL file to strip the RM data from SITREP [[BR]]
    185188'''Relevant    : ''' Applies to Sahana interoperability policy. Given that Eden does support resource and incident management, it is important to derive the response resources and resource requirements from situational reports. This function would help automate some of those data extraction functions. That requires integrating the SITREP and RM components with underlying Eden schema [[BR]]
    186 '''Time-bound  : ''' The exercise of understanding the data standards and mapping the elements should not take more than one week. developing a XSL to test the mapping may take another week, depending on the level of expertise with XML. [[BR]]
     189'''Time-bound  : ''' The exercise of understanding the data standards and mapping the elements should not take more than one week. developing a XSL to test the mapping may take another week, depending on the level of expertise with XML. (NB this is far too large a task for GCI. -- Pat)[[BR]]
    187190'''Evaluate    : ''' The mapping table is the determining output. However, the example RM and SITREP files are also required. [[BR]]
    188191'''Reevaluate  : ''' If the XSL transformation is developed, then the mapping can be tested with the sample RM and SITREP files [[BR]]
    190193=== Blue print to add Transliteration to text entry controls ===
    191194'''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    192 Difficulty : '''MEDIUM''' Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
     195Difficulty : '''HARD''' Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
    193196'''Specific    : ''' For local language text entry one can use a native language keyboard with native unicode character set or use transliteration to allow entering the native word phonetically. for example with [ | Google Transliteration Beta] or other plug-in like [ | USCS's Real-Time Unicode Converter] [[BR]]
    194197'''Measurable  : ''' Users in Sri Lanka, for example, prefer Sinhala or Tamil languages. Making the option for them to turn on transliteration in Sahana to enter critical information in the local language is an important usability aspect. [[BR]]
    224227== '''Translation''' ==
    225 '''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    226228=== Translating key phrases ===
     229'''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    227230Each task consists of a language file (a spreadsheet) of about 100 phrases, see the attachments at the bottom of this page, masterLanguageFile1.csv, masterLanguageFile2.csv and masterLanguageFile3.csv. This file needs to be translated to the target language, with the translation in the target column.
    253256'''''Not migrated'''''[[br]]
    254257for Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) with capabilities for multi-language alerting and multi-media delivery; use Agasti CAP Broker as a starting point (Nuwan)
    255 Difficulty : '''MEDIUM''' Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
     258Difficulty : Nuwan:'''MEDIUM''',Pat:'''HARD''' Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
    256259'''Specific    : ''' Build a [ | wireframe] with functionality for the [ | Common Alerting Protocol] messaging broker. It should follow a publisher subscriber model. Some specifications are in the [ | CAP Software Requirement Specifications] [[BR]]
    257260'''Measurable  : ''' CAP messaging broker is becoming a much sort after tool by many organizations. It is an ITU recommendation. Such tool can be easily adopted by governments and emergency coordination agencies for managing their alerting and situational awareness. [[BR]]
    268271=== Design a GUI to build and test XSL file ===
    269 Difficulty : '''MEDIUM''' Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
     272Difficulty : Nuwan:'''MEDIUM''',Pat:'''HARD''' Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
    270273'''Specific    : ''' Given that Sahana is getting heavy on XML there should be a tool to develop text, html, etc outputs based one's own XSL transformation file.  The user should be presented with the option to select the XML file; i.e. tags and schema, then include/exclude those tags with inserts of fixed text. The user should be able to preview the output. The built XSL file can then be stored to be used for a particular function. In this case it would be producing CAP message based user specific outputs for email, web, rss, twitter, google, etc. [[BR]]
    271274'''Measurable  : ''' This would allow super users to develop implementation specific CAP content delivery outputs. [[BR]]
    278281'''Time-bound  : ''' [[BR]]
    279282'''Evaluate    : ''' design requirements and settling on them. [[BR]]
    280 '''Reevaluate  : ''' wirefram with the test scenarios [[BR]]
     283'''Reevaluate  : ''' wireframe with the test scenarios [[BR]]