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    273273'''Reevaluate  : ''' Once the wireframe is built on the concluded requirements that will be put to test through the scenario based testing. [[BR]]
    275 === Write a blueprint for a GUI tool to build and test XSL files ===
    276 '''''Migrated'''''[[br]]
    277 Difficulty : Nuwan:'''MEDIUM''', Pat:'''HARD''' Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
     275=== Write a blueprint for a GUI (web) tool to build and test XSL files ===
     277Difficulty : Nuwan:'''MEDIUM''', Pat:'''HARD'''[[br]]
     278Proposed by: [ | Nuwan][[BR]]
     279Although this is classified as a documentation task, familiarity with coding, and especially with XSL transformations, will be helpful.
    278281'''Specific    : ''' Given that Sahana is getting heavy on XML there should be a tool to develop text, html, etc. outputs based one's own XSL transformation file.  The user should be presented with the option to select the XML file; i.e. tags and schema, then include/exclude those tags with inserts of fixed text. The user should be able to preview the output. The built XSL file can then be stored to be used for a particular function. In this case it would be producing CAP message based user specific outputs for email, web, rss, twitter, google, etc. [[BR]]
    279282'''Measurable  : ''' This would allow super users to develop implementation specific CAP content delivery outputs. [[BR]]