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Tasks for GCI




Quality Assurance

  • 2 xTesting and reporting bugs
  • Using Selenium IDE create test scripts for application (easy)
  • Document the data needed for a selenium test script to run from a bare (prepopulated) system (medium)
  • Take a selenium script (see above) and using the test API generate a python test (hard)


  • 3 x Create disaster scenarios & demos with data through pre-populate
  • Easy (Nuwan): Map elements between EDXL-SITREP and EDXL-RM to integrate the Situational Reporting and Resource Management components (deliverable: "table") with underlying schema
  • Medium (Nuwan): Develop a blue print (deliverable: "specifications document") for adding Transliteration to text entry controls, for example with engine or any other generic plug-in
  • Easy (Fran): Provide UTF8 names for Locations exported from GADM in Vietnam, e.g. using Wikipedia
    • see attached spreadsheet VNM_adm4.7z (L1 has been done, focus on L2 1st, then L3, then finally L4 if you can)



  • Translating key phases (from home page)
  • Review code to for quality of localized strings (1 task = 3 fixes)
    • Avoid concatenation of localized strings - use %(variable_name)s instead
    • Avoid non keyboard characters (Excel doesn't handle these)
    • Try to use consistent language

User Interface

  • Provide feedback on Workflows in Sahana Eden
  • design a better homepage for Sahana Eden (wireframes)
  • design a better GUI (deliverable: "wireframes" = moderate) for Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) with capabilities for multi-language alerting and multi-media delivery; use Agasti CAP Broker as a starting point (Nuwan)
  • design a GUI (deliverable: "wireframes" = hard) for building implementation specific XSL documents that generate SMS, Email, IVR, tweet, etc multi-media delivery text outputs (Nuwan)

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