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    77== Suggested Codeathon Projects ==
     9=== [ OpenStreetMap] integration ===
     10Leveraging the synergy of Kate Chapman's presence
     12==== Potlatch integration ====
     13There is already a basic integration of Potlatch into Sahana Eden:
     16This could use updating & having more customisation for the Humanitarian context (there are some presets here: )
     17& tighter integration with Sahana.
     19==== OSM Importer UI ====
     20 * There is an import stylesheet for .osm files: static/xslt/import/osm.xsl
     21 * This currently has hard-coded mappings between OSM admin levels & Sahana admin levels
     22  *  *
     23 * A custom controller should be written
     24  * provide a UI to the user to select their country from the dropdown which pre-populates the mapping fields for manual verification/adjustment
     25  * process the results of this to pass new variables back to the stylesheet:
     26   *
     28resource = s3xrc.resource("gis", "location")
     29template = os.path.join(request.folder, resource.XSLT_PATH, "osm", "import.xsl")
     30resource.import_xml("uploaded_filename.osm", template=template, mynewvar="xxx")
     32 * The Stylesheet needs updating to act on these vars when found
     34A nice further refinement would be to provide a UI to select a BBOX & optional filter to pull down the .osm file via [ XAPI]
     35 * Initially this could be manual text box entry of BBOX/filter
     36 * Then add a Map-based BBOX selection & dropdowns for the filter (which prepopulate the real dropdowns for manual verification/amendment)
     38=== Translations Admin Panel ===
     39==== Use Cases ====
     40 * Admin wants to update /languages on their running instance with current version from Pootle
     41 * Admin wants to be able to do offline translation of main language file(s) (either using native web2py UI or using a PO-based tool like Virtaal)
     42 * Admin wants to be able to translate additional custom strings in this instance (either using native web2py UI or using a PO-based tool like Virtaal)
     44==== Tasks ====
     45 * Add a page to {{{controllers/}}} to handle Translations.
     46 * Update the InstallationGuidelines with any new optional requirements (such as translate toolkit).
     47 * Gracefully give nice error messages if the translate toolkit isn't installed.
     48 * Update UserGuidelinesLocalisation
     50==== Export PO file ====
     51 * Dropdown to select which language
     52 * Button to call [ web2py2po] to convert the .py file to a standard PO file for the user to download
     54==== Import PO file ====
     55 * Upload Widget which calls [ po2web2py] onaccept to convert a .po file to a Web2Py .py file stored in the languages folder
     56  * Use the same filename prefix or prompt?
     57  * Do a merge
     59==== Update Pootle ====
     60Provide a set of admin scripts (bzr post-commit hook?) to update Pootle with any changed strings as a Merge.
    961=== CAP: Common Alerting Protocol ===