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    2323Feel free to introduce yourself to the community **now** before GHC Open Source Day begins
    25 == Suggested Codeathon Projects ==
     25== Codeathon Project: Transport Module ==
     27We're going to be building a **Transport Module** in Sahana Eden based on the specifications and requirements provided by the [[| Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency]].  This will serve as a repository of airport, seaport, border crossing and other critical logistical information needed by the 18 member nations of CDEMA. For more information see BluePrintTransport.
     29The Caribbean is prone to a number of natural hazards, particularly hurricanes during the annual Atlantic hurricane season.  CDEMA is responsible for coordinating disaster preparedness and response activities across 18 member states.  Sahana Eden has been selected to form the core of their Regional Logistics Tool that will be used to manage the provision of disaster relief supplies throughout the Caribbean.  This is particularly challenging as multiple air and sea routes must be understood.
     31Work will likely be accomplished in teams or pairs working together on elements of building the transport module.
     33=== Alternative Projects ===
     35Sahana Eden has tasks for persons with a range of skills. Those with some working knowledge of the Python programming language will be able to easily get started working on Sahana Eden to contribute to bug fixes or feature enhancement. Those with advanced Python skills can consider customization or developing new modules. Database design and SQL skills are also useful.
    2736COMING SOON!