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This page has details related to the CAP Broker implementation GSoC project.

Component Stage
Data model for CAP alerts implemented: to be reviewed
  • the models are at modules/eden/
Component Stage Expected
CAP alert creation interface Started Thursday, 21 June

The data model is in place. I am now creating the various UI widgets necessary for the same, namely:

  • KeyValue widget: for cap fileds such as Codes and Parameters: this is a widget will help in input of key-value pair data.
  • CAP alert selection widget: for selecting a previous CAP alert (for referencing in a new one)
  • CAP multiple info widget: for input of multiple <info> sections.
  • CAPResourceWidget: for uploading one or more files for distribution in the CAP alert, or pick a resource previously uploaded (tabbed view)
  • CAP Area selection widget: This will be for selection of a polygon from the map and encoding it in wkt and WGS84 formats

Other enhancements are listed in the things-currently-on-the-table document here:

Component Stage Expected
CAP Alert import/export Not started Thursday 28 June
  • Plan: modify s3import and s3export, XSLTs for CAP messages.
Component Stage Expected
CAP template creation interface Not started 1 July
  • Plan: set a flag in the alert table and all the children (alert has a (which has a)) tables to denote a row belongs to a template.
Component Stage Expected
CAP Profile creation interface Not started 10 July
  • Plan: notes are in the data model spreadsheet
Component Stage Expected
Subscription and Delivery Not started July 25th
  • Plan: auth_user level for subscription, completely use s3msg here.
  • Student information:
  • Mentor information:
    • Name: Nuwan Waidyanatha
    • IRC handle: gnewy
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