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    1 === 1. Personal Details ===
     1=== Personal Details ===
    33Name:  Ashwyn Sharma
    1818Timezone: GMT +0530
    20 Linked In Profile:
    22 Exposure To Similar Technologies and/or  FOSS in general:
    24 My work experience with FOSS was pretty limited (when I started to contribute for Sahana), but I have  spent a past few years developing a great understanding of its modus operandi , thus giving me a sufficient exposure to the whole concept of Free Open Source Software (FOSS).However , my involvement with the Sahana Software Foundation for the last two months has given me tremendous experience with Python and the web2py technology in particular.
    26 Why would you like to help the Sahana project?:
    28 As we rightly know that the Sahana Software Foundation enable organisations and communities to better prepare for and respond to disasters.In the process,they save a million lives  through its information management solutions. Contributing to a cause as noble as this just adds that extra motivation or rather a purpose behind all the coding and development process that goes on during the summer. Living in a country like India which is prone to several natural hazards and disasters ; and having witnessed one myself in ,it makes me understand the need of a deployment tool like Sahana Eden in a more realisable way. Moreover, I really believe that my work with the Sahana community so far helps me contribute to Sahana and the Eden Project in particular in the coming future.
    30 === 2. Personal Availability ===
    32 Have you reviewed the timeline for GSoC 2012?
    34 Yes,  I have reviewed the timeline for GSoC 2012.
    37 Do you have any significant conflicts with the listed schedule? If so, please list them here.
    39 No,not really.My semester exams are in the second half of May,2012.However, the coding starts on 21st May according to the timeline.So, I will not be losing any significant time.Moreover, I would be more than happy to start coding before that period so that I will be able to compensate for the few lost days
    42 Will you need to finish your project prior to the end of the GSOC?
    44 No, my project  is planned to be developed along the whole summer.
    47 Are there any significant periods during the summer that you will not be available?
    49 Apart from the conflict listed above, I will be completely available throughout the summer
    51 === 3. Project Abstract ===
     21=== Project Abstract ===
    5323The essential requirement for this project is to parse inbound messages, with an initial focus to SMS. The project is specifically aimed at the CERT usecase where they wish to process responses to deployment notifications. Or in other words, to handle replies to deployment requests. Currently the message parsing is done in the core code i.e. modules/s3/, to be particular, in the parse_message() method. The parsing rules will be defined in private/templates which allows for hosting of multiple profile options in the main code. Now, can import these parsing rules from templates. This also enforces the on-going work in the development of the Profile Layer, in which deployment-specific files are separated from core code.The parsing module utilizes a data model "msg_workflow”  to link the source and the workflow to schedule tasks. Processing of OpenGeoSMS encoded messages is also an important area to work on especially for the existing Android Client, for which it will be of real use. Also to provide robustness and extend the existing code, the pyparsing Parser module can be incorporated or any other parsing generator; which will be subjective to the parsing needs.
    55 === 4. Project Plan ===
     25=== Project Plan ===
    5727Project Deliverable:
    10272* Adapting the parsing rules to cover as wide a base of inbound messages as possible. This will involve making a wider collection of keywords to be searched for every concerned module.Linking different labels  across the DB to module-specific keywords will be really helpful.Also the list of primary keywords to be matched can also be made a deployment-specific option.
    104 Relevant Experience:
    105 * I have developed a thorough understanding of the existing parsing routine in the application. Also, I am comfortable using various parsing generators. I have discussed many of the ideas in the proposal with the mentors and rest of the community.
    106 * My experience with the Sahana community has been very enjoyable so far, Sahanathon being one of the highlights where I got the opportunity to demonstrate my ability to work with the code and contribute to Sahana Eden. My notable contributions so far have been listed below:
    107 * I solved the bug #1132 in the Trac ( which was merged during the Sahanathon itself. Pull request:
    108 * Reported and fixed a defect with the update (“Open”) button in the saved searches table.
    109 Made milestones in the project task workflow a deployment-specific option.  (See ).
    110 * Fixed email_settings() in the msg controller and required changes in the menu. (See ).
    112 === 5. Project Goals and Timeline ===
    114 Work Already Undertaken:
    115 * Currently parsing is implemented by the parse_message() method in the module, though its usage is limited or rather unimplemented as of now.
    116 * Also, the current method is hard-coded and inefficeient to handle different processes.
    117 * A dedicated data model has been developed with consent of the mentors.The msg_workflow has been defined exhaustively in the implementation details and also in the linked gdoc.
    118 * Mechanism to route messages to resources has also been designed and discussed.
     75=== Project Status ===
    12077First trimester:
     79||= SMART Goal =||= Status =||
     80||The msg_log data model is tweaked.|| Completed ||
     81||process_log() is put in place to schedule the parsing of inbound messages.||Completed||
     83=== Timeline ===
     84First Trimester:
    12286Due Date -SMART Goal-Measure