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    3737\\Linking the tool to read existing database, write models for the new ones. (Next week)
     39Project Goals and Timeline
     42||24th April||Gaining a better understanding of the eden code||Fixing Bugs||||
     43||27th April||Gaining a better understanding of the CERT code. Creating a skeletal module for implementing the full code. This will be accessible through a REST Uri||Code commit, accessible from||||
     44||1st May||Modified Proposal in conformation with the feedback received||Interaction with the community to finalize the project Goals, and feedback; Modification of timeline if needed; Finalizing the details; Prioritizing the tasks||||
     45||17th May||Implementing their demo examples and ensure proper functioning||Comparing all the required jQuery plugins, weighing their individual pros and cons, and choosing the right plugin||||
     46||4th June||Admin can login and view admin panel||Login system, and creation of the views for users, and admin including the admin panel||||
     47||10th June||Volunteers' list populated from database||Populate the volunteers list with volunteers which can be dragged and dropped to main grid||||
     48||13th June||Only eligible volunteers are displayed||Shortening the list of volunteers based of filter criteria, distance parameter||||
     49||17th June||The grid will show light blue color for slots which require filling||Filling the grid with blue color based on db query where timeslot is a part of an event requiring volunteer||||
     50||29th June||Error message for conflicting allotment||Checking the new allotments for clashes with previous job role allotment||||
     51||2nd July||Success message on submission of new roster||Storing new data into database||||
     52||9th July||Ability to view job allotment based on volunteer filter||Clicking on a volunteer should display his / her job allotment||||
     53||15th July||A volunteer can declare that he will be unavailable from time A to B, and thus, he cannot be assigned a job in that time||Implementing features like suggest a volunteer, and declaring unavailability by volunteer||||
     54||22nd July||The software can autofill the timeslot roster on clicking auto fill||Autofilling functionality||||
     55||28th July||Improved look and feel of the application||Write CSS||||
     56||2nd August||Buffer period||Complete any pending work||||
     57||5th August||Improved code structure||Code cleanup and commenting||||
     58||8th August||Solved bugs||Fix typos, improve the flash messages and other metadata text.||||
     59||10th August||Solved Bugs||Testing||||
     60||13th August||Project completion||Complete documentation, and submit report||||