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    20 = Implementation =
    21 \\The current instance of the demo is available at Feedback on this is appreciated.
    2320= Mentor Details =
    2421\\Dominic König
    2623\\Forked repo:
     26= Implementation =
     27\\The current instance of the demo is available at Feedback on this is appreciated.
     29= Summary =
     30\\ The Rostering tool was my first development contribution to Sahana, and open source community in general. For this, initially I established a workflow with git and my developing environment. After this, based on the feedback to my project, I realized the differential from my initial view of things. For this, I spent some significant time in re-assessing my plan and project to move forward. Simultaneously I spent some time reading and getting used to development in web2py. Subsequently I began coding for my project. I had weekly meetings with Dominic, my mentor and discussed my updates and progress. To start with, I began developing the views and worked on javascript for the tool. Once that was done, I set up corresponding models, and controllers for interaction. As I grew comfortable, my coding gained momentum. Towards the end, after numerous bugfixes, breaking of existing code, refactoring of mine already written code, I spent time on improving the eden integration of my tool. I also structured the code according to the PEP8 and Developer's Guidelines.
     32\\ It has been a good learning experience, and I have gained insight into Sahana development. However, during my project, I tried to code as a web2py application instead of as a part of Sahana framework. I realized this only later, and because of this, I duplicated a lot of functionality by my code, which s3 APIs already handle elegantly. This reduced affected the productivity, and I have then tried to modify my code to make more use of s3. I plan to further improve my Sahana integration after the evaluations. After a break of a couple of weeks post-evaluation, I wish to also implement the tasks mentioned in Future Scope.
     34= Future Scope =
     35\\ Ability for volunteers to raise a change request and admin approval and denial for the same. This feature is already partially implemented, with tables setup. Front end CRUD for this is currently missing.
     36\\ PDF print of roster
     37\\ Ability to shift from weekly view to daily view / other views.
    2839= Meeting Dates =