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    3737\\ PDF print of roster. Again, code for this was partially done. It requires styling and populating data improvements to be a presentable pdf.
    3838\\ Ability to shift from weekly view to daily view / other views.
     39\\ Templating system
     40\\ Day view
     42= To Do =
     43* Change the label from 'Event' to 'Type' when selecting between
     44Project/Org/etc ('Event Name' -> 'Name')
     45* Change the resource name from 'table' to 'roster' (at least for the
     46user-visible CRUD strings)
     47* Rename 'Slots' as 'Shifts' (which also keeps consistency with the
     48use of Shifts elsewhere)
     49* I don't understand what 'Start' & 'Over' are for here - I guess the
     50idea was to integrate with other calendars, e.g. a critical one being
     51the reporting of volunteer hours (i.e. feeding into
     53- I would hide the fields from the UI until implemented (can keep the
     54fields in code, perhaps commented out with an @ToDo (I'd also rename
     55'Over' as 'End' to be consistent with other usages.)
     56* Does the People list on the left-hand side get filtered for people
     58* The 'Roles' menu link is incorrect (points to the same as 'People')
     59* Like that list, I would have the HRM controllers that you use
     60available from the Roster module (keep users within your module when
     61accessing these options, which may require moving functions to modules
     62& then calling from the 2 controllers)
     63* The code could use some style improvements: PEP8 spacing & Eden
     64comment lines between functions
    4066= Meeting Dates =