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Google Summer of Code 2012 Project



This project aims to create a roster tool for the CERT service. This would involve a web interface where one could view time scheduling of volunteers. Volunteers could be reassigned using drag and drop features on the timetable as per need and requirement. The interface will highlight empty slots which require filling to the user. The client may then choose to fill these slots manually or take advantage of the autofill functionality of the application which will fill the slots for you.


Student Details

Bhaavan Merchant
bhaavanmerchant [at] gmail [dot[ com

Mentor Details

Dominic König dominic [at] nursix [dot[ org Forked repo:

Meeting Dates

5 June 2012 - Google Hangout 13 June 2012 - Google Hangout 20 June 2012 - Google Hangout (1900 UTC)


Setting up a controller and view for the rostering tool Creating a prototype of the rostering tool. ( To be completed by Sunday) Linking the tool to read existing database, write models for the new ones. (Next week) Setting up links to admin interface. (To be discussed)

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