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Upgrade Translation Functionality: GSoC Project 2012

BluePrint reference

Project Abstract

Sahana-eden currently uses web2py translating feature to translate sahana-eden to different languages. With the current system only the original strings and the translated strings are available to the translators. That only would not be enough to translate correctly with the proper meaning. The objective of the project is to improve the translation process so that the translators have more information such as file name, line number, comments for the translators etc. So for example the translators will know the module in which the strings are in and that will help to translate more appropriately. Further the T() function currently used to identify strings to be translated will be improved so that the developer can add a comment for the translators. And a GUI (a web page) embedded into eden will be implemented so as to translations on the fly and see the progress of the translations.

Project Plan

Project Goals and Timeline

Due Date SMART goal Measure
First trimester (24 April - 20 May)
17 May
Second trimester (21 May - 9 July)
28 May
4 June
11 June
22 June
30 June
8 July
Third trimester (10 July - 13 August)
15 July
25 July
3 August
13 August
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