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    1010* Use the SWOT to identify an optimal set of Sahana modules along with the required functionality and a strategy for proposing a set of useful tools to host at AIT for stakeholders to access
    1111* Formulate individual short, medium, and long -term actions to plan future Sahana related work through AIT
     13== About the Tools ==
     141) '''Community Resilience Mapping''' is an activity that allows for the layering of GIS data by Coalitions of Organizations. The tool was first introduced to the City of Los Angeles to improve the resilience of their communities. The project is sponsored by Los Angeles County Public Health. [ DEMO]
     162) '''News feeds to improve decision making''' is a site for the national Disaster Management Department of Timor-Leste to facilitate information sharing between different stakeholders. It provides a simplified interface to be easy to use.  [ DEMO]
     183) '''Vulnerability assessments is an activity''' is a system for Red Cross National Societies. This new Vulnerability Mapping module which is under development will allow collection & displaying of data on the resilience of communities. It aggregates different indicators together to provide an overall rating to hopefully make it easier to use.  [ DEMO]
     204) '''Alerting and Messaging with CAP''' is done with the Sahana Common Alerting Protocol-enabled Messaging Broker (SAMBRO). It is designed to manage the publishing and subscribing of situation-awareness and alert messages. The single entry of standardized message can be delivered through various technologies such as SMS, Email, RSS, HTML, Twitter, Interactive Voice, Satellite broadcast so on and so forth [ DEMO]
     225) '''Situational-Reporting''' allows a quick overview of where there are issues. Reports can come in just from trained staff or else from the wider public ('Crowd Sourcing'). These can be entered via the Web or come in via SMS or Email.   [ DEMO]
    1324== Exercises Tutorials ==