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    76761. [ Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization]
    77771. [ Raydant International]
     79== Sponsors ==
     81[[Image(]] [[BR]]
     83[ '''Asian Institute of Technology Sustainable Development in the context of Climate Change'''] [[BR]]
     86The AIT’s Sustainable Development in the context of Climate Change (SDCC) emphasizes the consolidation of research efforts and creation of a niche that will harness the Institute’s range of network, experience and expertise. The Institute has responded rapidly to the new challenges the region faces. Disaster Risk Management is one of SDCC thematic area, lead by Dr. Manzul Azharika. This thematic area emphasises that effective disaster management hinges on reducing the vulnerability. Moreover, reducing disaster risk is also vital to climate change adaptation. The process of managing disaster risks entails understanding and identifying the risk factors and simplifying the complexities of disaster risk assessments.
     89[[Image(]] [[BR]]
     91[ '''Spot On Solutions'''] [[BR]]
     93Spot On offers specialized Information Communication Technology (ICT) products and services for "risk knowledge mobilization". We realize that today's world requires organizations to be at the top of their game! Real-Time business intelligence and Communications are vital aspects in staying ahead. Spot-On's end-to-end automation from data gather, statistical analyses, dissemination, and reporting technologies are designed to, relatively, minimize your costs and maximize your benefits.