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     3= Grace Hopper Celebration Open Source Day 2013 =
     5The  [ Grace Hopper Open Source Day] is intended to introduce participants to rapid development of FOSS applications in a collective coding setting.
     7== Ready, set, go! ==
     9=== Attend our Virtual Training September 30 ===
     11We are holding a [ virtual training for new Sahana Eden software developers] on September 30 at 7:30 PM EDT.  This is timed and designed for participants at the Open Source Day.
     13=== Install the Eden development kit ===
     15We'd like to encourage all those intending to participate with the Sahana Software Foundation at the Grace Hopper Celebration Open Source Day to get started in advance by installing a developer's environment on their computer prior to the event (though this is **not** required - we will be prepared to get new contributors started from the beginning at the event).  It is never too early to get started.  Anyone wishing to work on Sahana Eden at the GHC Open Source Day Codeathon should look at our developer’s page for instructions on how to set up a developer’s environment, review our developer’s guidelines, and connect to our community here: [[Develop]]
     17=== Get an account on Github ===
     19''If you're in a hurry to get on with things, you can leave this til later, when you're ready to upload something to Github.''
     21Otherwise, please visit: DeveloperGuidelines/Git
     23=== Sign a Contributor License Agreement ===
     25The Sahana Software Foundation requires a [ contributor license agreement] from anyone contributing code to the Sahana codebases.  This is a simple agreement that ensures our enduring right to redistribute any code you may have written without restriction.  You may [ download] and return a form prior to the event or complete a paper copy at the Open Source Day.  You may still participate with Sahana even if you do not wish to sign a CLA, but we will not be able to merge any code patches you submit for integration with our project.
     27=== The IRC channel ===
     29We're going to take over the Eden IRC channel: #sahana-eden on freenode. If you don't already have an IRC client, the easiest way to connect is to use freenode's [[| web chat client]].
     30* To post a message, type in the text box, type Enter.
     31* To get someone's attention, type their nick anywhere in your message. (Use sparingly -- this will ring bells / flash lights on their machine.)
     33Feel free to introduce yourself to the community **now** before GHC Open Source Day begins
     35=== Need Help? ===
     37If you have questions about setting up a Sahana Eden developer's environment or about working with the Sahana Software Foundation at the Grace Hopper Open Source Day or anything else related to the event, please feel free to contact ghc [at] sahanafoundation [dot] org.
     39== Codeathon Project: Social Media ==
     41Social Media is playing a important role in Disaster and Emergency Management.  There is a huge scope for for Social Media Integration in Sahana Eden.  Please see BluePrint/SocialMedia for details.
     44=== Alternative Projects ===
     46Sahana Eden has tasks for persons with a range of skills. Those with some working knowledge of the Python programming language will be able to easily get started working on Sahana Eden to contribute to bug fixes or feature enhancement. Those with advanced Python skills can consider customization or developing new modules. Database design and SQL skills are also useful.
     48For those wishing to work on Sahana Eden independently of the facilitated task of working on the Transport Module, we maintain lists of tasks for new contributors to work on.  These may be found on our Eden wiki on our main projects page at [[Projects]]. There are listed projects in several categories, including:
     50  * [[Projects/Non-Coding| non-coding projects]]
     51  * [[Projects/Design| design projects]]
     52  * [[Projects/Infrastructure| infrastructure projects]]
     53  * [[Projects/Advanced| advanced coding projects]]
     55The non-coding and basic coding projects are usually most appropriate for tackling during events like codeathons.
     57=== Comments ===