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     3=== BluePrints ===
     4This project draws ideas from the following Blueprint:[[BR]]
     5* BluePrint/Testing/TestSuite
     7=== Weekly Meeting ===
     9'''Time''' : '''Monday 0430 UTC'''
     12'''Venue''' : '''Skype''' (Contact - somay.jain)
     15'''Meeting Doc''' :
     19=== Milestones/ Progress ===
     21||= SMART Goal =||= Measure =||= Status =||
     22||Implement Longest Word-trimmed Search||Selenium Tests : Implement Longest Word-trimmed Search for dropdown options|| Completed||
     23||Start CI Server|| Fixed the currently written scripts on the CI Server to run the Selenium and Smoke tests on IFRC and mail the results || Completed ||
     24||Re-Design Selenium Tests || || Completed||
     25||Fix Selenium tests || Fix the tests which give error on the IFRC template and make changes so that we are able to run them on other templates as well || Completed ||
     26||Selenium tests across templates|| Added tests for default, SandyRelief, DRMP, CRMT and modified the test suite to run only those tests which belong to the current template || Completed ||
     27|| Template name in report || Added the template name in the HTML report generated for the tests || Completed||
     28|| Load tests setup || Installed tools(erlang, tsung, etc) - [ Load/Setup] on the CI Server for load testing || Completed||
     29|| Better reporting of tests || Fixed the reporting of the Smoke tests. They now show fail status on finding atleast one broken link. Also, modified error messages of Selenium tests so that they are clearer, easier to reproduce || Completed||
     30|| Automatic detection of field types || Automatically detect the field type (option/autocomplete/date/datetime/normal text input) by inspecting the class name of the field. Also, since option/autocomplete/automatic options are no longer needed, removed them from the tests so that it is now easier to write the Selenium tests || Completed ||
     31|| Tests email format || Modified the tests results email format so that the results are reported in a tabular format with color coding (easier to visually see the test results) || Completed||