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Project: Chat

Name : Arnav Kumar Agrawal
Mentor: Graeme Foster


This project draws ideas from the Blueprints below:



Smart Goals Timeline Remarks Status
Investigate APIs Before 19th May - Completed
Setup a demo server without sahana eden 19th - 21th May - Completed
User Interface 22nd May - 27th May - About to Finish
Database integration 28th May - 10th June - Started
Single Sign-on Integration 11th - 19th June - Not Started
Chat history and chat logs 20th - 30th June - Not Started
Invite to Chat 30th June - 10th July - Not Started
OTR encryption for security 11th - 20th July - Not Started
Documentation and testing 21st - 24th July - Not Started
Analysis 25th July - 1st August - Not Started
Future Scope discussion and implementation 5th - 10th August - Not Started
Final code 11th - 16th August - Not Started
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