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Project: Sahana Sunflower

Name : Somay Jain
Mentor: Michael Howden


This project draws ideas from the Blueprints below:


Meeting doc :


The tasks are being managed in sunflower here -

Goal Remarks Status
Homepage Redesign Redesign the homepage using Bootstrap according to the design given in the blueprint Completed
Set up a demo server Set up a demo site for Sunflower - Completed
Show updates feed on the homepage Fetch wiki edits, github commits, tickets from RSS/Atom feeds and show it on the homepage Completed
Change footer Change the footer to remove unnecessary details Completed
Sunflower tasks in Updates Include the sunflower tasks in the updates - would require modifying the XSTL template for project_task Completed
Add RSS URL icon Add an icon to link to the RSS URL of the current tab in case someone wants to read the RSS elsewhere Completed
Add work on task button Add "work on a task" action button on the homepage Completed
Map at the homepage Overlay sahana deployments, volunteers/members on the map displayed on the homepage In progress
Move the tasks on Sunflower Divide the sunflower project plan into tasks, which will be managed from sunflower, with linkage from the wiki/meeting doc In Progress
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